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Capital Cities - Stayin Alive

Though I didn’t start listening to it until this year, Capital Cities’s debut album In a Tidal Wave of Mystery is one I keep coming back to listen to time after time. It’s well balanced, thoughtful, and interesting music that I find captivating.

I was a little hesitant to hear their take on a song as iconic as this one, but by the second listen I was completely hooked. A sign of a good cover, to me, is that it maintains the spirit of the original song while also bringing new life to it. Listen to them enough and you’ll know exactly who did the song, and yet the original song still shines right through.

Every time I listen to this now, I just start bopping my head from side to side and think “Damn this is good” and start singing along.

(As a side note, I got lost in the internet searching videos of them playing live and now am determined to go see them play somewhere.)

Played 18 times.

I got home from work yesterday and was one sick puppy. Sick like I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced, just a nauseous and completely feverish mess from head to toe. That lasted all evening, but fortunately I was able to sleep, something I normally don’t do well when I’m sick.

Morning found me considerable less hot to the touch, though I did find myself mostly drowsy and had a very hard time actually becoming a functioning human being. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise since I basically didn’t move for like 15 hours, sleep or no sleep.

Since being up, I’ve been mostly following any whim that struck me. The one that struck me the most, oddly, was that I wanted to be outdoors. So I’ve been sitting out on the patio for the last two hours or so, reading, writing, and just letting the fresh air waft around me. I feel surprisingly good for it, despite my fear of my allergies kicking into overdrive.

I’m hoping this has been a 24-hour bug and that the worst is over. I’m still something of a coughy mess, but I’m definitely in a better state than I was 20 hours ago.

Spring this year isn’t a time for cleaning for me, so much as it is a time for change. Out with the old, in with the new.

I have learned how to let go of so much, and here and there I find myself still holding on. I will always be a sentimentalist at heart, but I’ve noticed I have been so to the detriment of breaking my own mold. Look at this tree. It makes me want to spread my wings and fly into the great blue sky. Letting go of what’s holding me back so I can take that leap and keep trying new things.

After having bitten off far more than I could chew for the past few months, I finally managed to finish up a pretty big project today, and the feeling of completion has been enormous.

It’s been one of those projects that went on and didn’t seem to end, until just today I realized just how much time I’d been putting into it. In the end, I feel both liberated and exhausted. And what am I excited to do? Get working on other things.

Every time I travel, I’m reminded of how much I enjoy it and wish I did it more. I don’t always love airports, but once in a while there are some with little hidden gems. Cartel Coffee Lab is one such gem in the Phoenix airport. Highly recommended for a great cup of coffee. (at Cartel Coffee Lab)

Waiting for Cher to hit the stage! Pat Benatar rocked my socks off just now and I think this might be heaven. Waiting for Cher to hit the stage! Pat Benatar rocked my socks off just now and I think this might be heaven. Waiting for Cher to hit the stage! Pat Benatar rocked my socks off just now and I think this might be heaven.

Waiting for Cher to hit the stage! Pat Benatar rocked my socks off just now and I think this might be heaven.

I always forget how much I love palm trees. Seeing them makes me miss living in LA.
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A weekend getaway to Phoenix this weekend, where the weather is sunny and bright. Tempe Camera Repair is a must stop for any photographer. Nice staff and tons of gear to ogle.
(at Tempe Camera Repair Inc.)

I see we’re sharing prom stories! I’ve been way too wrapped up and busy with life and miss you guys a bunch, so yay for internet discussions!

I went to a single school dance growing up: my 8th grade dance. My sensible Jewish mother wouldn’t allow us to date anyone until we were 16, so imagine my surprise when a girl in my English class sent a note my way and asked me to the dance. “Wow,” 14-year-old me wondered, “how can she not know my mom’s rule about not dating until we’re 16?”

(As an aside, I wonder if middle schoolers still write notes to each other like we used to, or if texting has taken over? If so, it shall make me sad and nostalgic, not to mention feel old. But seriously, how can something that awkward every be replaced? I really, really hope awkward teenagers still get to be all awkward together.)

I mulled it over for the day (okay, so maybe I obsessed over it), and the next day decided to write something back to my friend: “I can’t date anyone, my mom says so. But I’ll totally go to the dance with you!” I’m probably paraphrasing here.

I have long had the self-awareness of a carrot, and half of a lifetime later, I look back on awkward little Phil and smile thinking that he had literally no idea why that handsome male teacher with flecks of gray hair always seemed to capture his attention. He kept waiting for an imaginary light switch to click on and suddenly become girl crazy like his brothers. I think he felt that maybe this dance would be his chance to really make that happen.

The slacks were right, the shirt was right, and the tie was right. Also, the tie had a cleverly large knot to hide the fact that the top button was undone, lest sickness ensue.

The dance was a surprisingly fun time. It was my first and last school dance to attend.

The magical light switch was not flipped, but I danced the night away. Somewhere, I have a photo of me with my friend. My smile is bright, and I seem lost in a moment.






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Yay for RuPaul’s Drag Race showing up in some gifs! I finally watched season 5 and am now on to season 6. Why it took me so long to find the joy of iTunes season passes, I have no idea. But thank goodness I got there eventually.

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