I’ve been battling this chest cold for a few weeks, finally went to the clinic a couple days ago, and am now on antibiotics. My lips are chapped and dry, and my voice has been progressively more sore. My hips are pissed off at me for not sleeping in a bed for the past two nights; they ache at every turn and even notify me that sitting in a normal chair is unwelcome to them. Hence, I phoned in for another sick day, and hope that a nice day of rest comes in handy. Mostly, I just want to feel like myself again.

I’ve finally felt well enough to sit down at my desk, and to say hola to all you fine people of Tumblr.

Hola, fine people of Tumblr!

(As an unrelated aside, I also must add a mild grumpy complaint to the powers that be at Tumblr, who have trumpeted their sponsored posts in mobile apps but somewhere along the way seem to have broken the keyboard shortcuts in the dashboard. So lame. Can we please start talking about a real business model at some point?)

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